Finally…an Asset-based Lender you can Trust!

IPNIX Capital Partners is a privately funded national lender. Our business is making loans based on a portion of the appraised value of collateral owned free and clear by our clients. We have been involved in the financial markets for over 25 years. Our partners have over 50 years of experience in commercial real-estate, lending and structured finance. This depth of knowledge and experience allows us to quickly fund loans that many other lenders and banks would never consider.

We have carved out a unique niche in the non-prime commercial lending market by developing a lending program positioned between "hard money" and conforming bank products. As a result of our pricing we are able to attract many clients who fall just outside of the parameters of conforming products and thus gain a higher caliber borrower and better quality collateral. IPNIX only lends its own funds and individually structures each transaction to fit the needs of our borrowers.