Asset-based Lending Guide

IPNIX Capital Partners has created numerous materials to assist both the commercial ABL broker and the commercial asset-based borrower. Below is a list of commercial asset-based lending resources that are available upon request. Please contact us if you need additional resource information or have any further questions about the resources we provide below.

  • › Asset-based Lenders: A Free Guide to Asset-based Lending
  • › What is Private Lending?
  • › Top Mistakes Typically Made by Borrowers/Brokers
  • › Commercial Asset-based Tips For Mortgage Brokers
  • › Leverage the No-Doc Niche and Excel
  • › Commercial Asset-based Loans vs Stated Commercial Loans
  • › Asset-based Commercial Lending
  • › Understanding The Total Cost Of A Loan: Prepayment Vs Interest Guarantee/Lockout/Defeasance
  • › Commercial Property Foreclosure: Answers and Help
  • › Factoring Alternatives
  • › Commercial Asset-based Lenders: Get The Real Facts